My Why

KELLIE_TOOLE I was the child of a career military family. We moved a lot. The concept of home for me, still to this day, is not the house or the structure. It's the way the house makes me feel, in essence, the things on the inside that make it home. With each house I could create something new, or keep it relatively the same, making it my home.

As a child, it didn't matter to me that my bedroom carpet remnant was purple, orange and red while my canopy cover was green, yellow and blue. They were individually pretty and made me feel comfortable and safe. The meticulously arranged fuzzy faces of my stuffed animals smiled with approval when I woke in the middle of the night. I was very serious about my bedroom arrangement. I wanted it to function for play time and sleep time and EVERYTHING had its place. Ergo, I was in the right place. I was home. It will be okay.

I'm a big girl now, with a MUCH more refined taste for just about everything. But in writing this post, I did just realize my family room, where we spend the majority of our time, is accented with purple, orange, red, green, yellow and blue... just like my childhood bedroom. However, now the composition is very pleasing and well balanced. The kitchen in my previous home was accented with the same exact colors. Now I know why I feel so comfortable in both spaces.

Which brings me to My Why. I suppose I was destined to be an Interior Designer due to my upbringing. I love to make a house feel like a home by bringing order and function to some of the chaos of everyday life.  I love to get into the details of how a space is used, how it best functions, and how you want to feel within its walls. I suppose I'm still that little girl who wants her tiny part of the world, and everyone in it, to feel safe and happy.