Bedroom Interior Designs - Privacy in Your Style with Showcase Results

We spend over a third of our lifetime in our bedrooms. Your Master bedroom should be your oasis. Of course this is in a perfect world where pets patiently wait bedside for an invitation and children sleep through the night. When does that happen?! All kidding aside, rest is the objective. What does restful look like to you? Is it dark and sophisticated, calming you into sleep, or is it bright and cheerful welcoming you up with the sun? Do you have separation anxiety from your tablet or smart phone? A bedside charging station may be in order. We will discuss your habits and design the best bedroom to fit your nocturnal needs.


A Balanced BNB Style Bedroom Design

  • BNB Style for Master or Guest Bedrooms

    BNB Style for Master or Guest Bedrooms

Lets start with a very important question regarding Guest room and In-law suites. How long do you REALLY want them to stay? If you welcome the thought of being the favorite Bed and Breakfast for your friends and family, then this room will be approached much differently than if you have a one night patience level. The added expense of blackout lining for draperies can usually be avoided in guest rooms, unlike master bedrooms. Privacy shades or blinds will usually do the job allowing for more decorative window treatments to be used to balance color, pattern or texture.

Delightful Bedroom Designs for Children

  • Interior Design Ideas for a Child's Bedroom that Make Sense

    Interior Design Ideas for a Child's Bedroom that Make Sense

Bedrooms for children and Nurseries are particularly fun projects. You may not want to spend a tremendous amount in a kids bedroom and that is understandable. These rooms will change the most through their different ages and attitudes. Whether it’s heirloom quality furniture to be passed on for generations, or inexpensive looks which can be tossed on a whim, Kellie Toole Interior Design, Ltd prides itself on listening to your budget, and advising you on how best to achieve your goals.

Compelling Bedroom Decorating Ideas & Composition

  • A Showcase Decorator Design Bedroom in Upper Arlington

    Decorator's Show House 2009 - Bedroom in Upper Arlington

It’s okay if your bedroom furniture is a “matching set.” It’s been done for years. You can go to your local furniture store to pick it out and poof, you are done! However, it often times lacks a sense of life or personality. We prefer to select and mix in pieces of interest to break up the monotony. An upholstered headboard for instance can work double duty by cutting down on the amount of wood pieces but also add another layer of texture.

A Showcase Of Bedroom Ameneties That Are Easy On The Eyes

  • New Albany Guest Bedroom - Comfort with Professional Style

    New Albany Guest Bedroom - Comfort with Professional Style

Do you love the multitude of patterned carpet on the market? Or are you nervous about it? A bedroom may be a wonderful place to try it out. This New Albany condo has a concrete slab foundation. Though the client loves hardwood and area rugs she opted for the warmth of carpet. We inlaid a neutral plaid carpet for that extra pop of pattern and interest tying in her previously owned window valance.

Appropriate bedroom lighting can easily be over looked by a builder. Outlets are wired to switches right by the door instead of deeper inside the room. Overhead lighting may be missing all together. Bedrooms are typically dark when you get to them in the evening. You need to be able to easily light the space before you trip over the random pair of shoes left in the middle of the floor. We here at Kellie Toole Interior Design, Ltd fully embrace the comfort and function of ceiling fans, particularly on the second floor. We have the manufacturers and resources to select a fan that will compliment your space, not crush it with ugliness.

Custom Closet Design To Maximize Your Space

  • Interior Design to Transform Closet Space

    Interior Design to Transform Closet Space

  • Closets for Function & Extravagance

    Closets for Function & Extravagance

Don’t forget the closet! At the Columbus 2013 Decorators’ Show House we drew the master closet. The very best of Interior Designers has the capacity to see beyond the space given and make it into something special. What was once a bedroom, was remodeled into a huge walk in closet. We took the space to a whole new level by layering in a vintage sewing room.